The Founder of F3G is currently running this organization by himself. Should you have any desire to support with this endeavor, please contact him.

Todd Bluechel
San Diego, CA

Todd's fished San Diego waters for over 30 years. He even worked at Fisherman's Landing when he was in High School. Todd's love of adventure and sport fishing has taken him around the world in search of both. Todd practices catch and release, fishing humanely and with respect for the environment. In 2009 Todd decided he was tired of complaining about an issue that concerned him and decided to take action. Todd began thinking of ways to solve this problem in a manner that was as environmentally friendly, sustainable and resourceful. Fish. Food. Feel Good is the direct result of his concern and dedication to the sport of fishing and to the environment. Fish. Food. Feel Good. is not only San Diego’s only truly sustainable charity its America’s only sustainable fishing charity!

Todd's day job as the VP of marketing and sales for CollectiveSun is to help other nonprofits nationwide get solar. Todd’s also an environmental consultant in the area of waste-to-energy and alternative green technologies. His goal is to help the world gain access to affordable alternative energy while at the same time reducing our dependency on landfills and incinerators that release greenhouse gases (CO2) into our air and bleed leachates into our soils.